1. Celebrating Starry Mart Riverside's Grand Opening

    Starry Mart Riverside, Canterbury, has officially opened its doors, and we're still basking in the excitement of our grand opening just a few days ago. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us last Saturday, with a special nod to those who embarked on a 2-hour journey to celebrate with us.

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  2. Mark Your Calendar: Starry Mart Riverside's Grand Opening Celebration!

    Exciting News!  Our Grand Opening of the new store at Riverside, Canterbury has been scheduled for 11th November 2023.

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  3. A Proud Sponsorship: Starry Mart Joins the "湘韵湘安" New Academic Year Event in the UK

    We, as an Asian food company based in the UK, Starry Mart, are honoured to be one of the sponsors for the "湘韵湘安" New Academic Year event in 2023.

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  4. Recapping the Success of Our Mid-Autumn Festival Coloring Contest!

    This year's Mid-Autumn Festival was extra special as we organized a delightful colouring contest in both of our physical stores, Starry Mart Colchester and Starry Mart Kent. We're truly grateful for the overwhelming participation and enthusiasm from everyone!

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  5. Full-time/Part-time/Permanent Warehouse Staff- Colchester

    Starry Asian Market is currently seeking new members for the Warehouse Staff

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  6. Full Time Marketing Assistant- Colchester

    Starry Asian Market is currently seeking new members for the marketing team.

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  7. Exploring Mooncakes: A Flavorful Journey Through Different Varieties

    As the vibrant hues of autumn start to paint the world around us, a season of warmth, togetherness, and cherished traditions is upon us. We are delighted to present to you a timeless delicacy that encapsulates the essence of this season – mooncakes.

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  8. Moonlit Stories: Unraveling the History and Significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival

    The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival (or 中秋节 Zhong Qiu Jie in Mandarin), holds a rich history and cultural significance across many Asian communities.

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  9. A Tale of Love Across the Stars: The Legend of Chinese Valentine’s Festival

    Have You Heard About the QIXI Festival?


    The QIXI Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, is steeped in a romantic tale from ancient China. This captivating and timeless love story has traversed centuries to become one of the four major folk love legends in China.

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  10. Full Time HR Administrator - Colchester

    Starry Asian Market is currently seeking new members for the Human Resouce Team.

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