1. Announcement Related to Warehouse Relocation

    Dear Customers,
    Here we have good news to share with you. This month, Starry Mart is getting a warehouse upgrade. Soon, Starry Mart will meet with you with more diversified product categories and even better service.

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  2. International Delivery Service Is Temporary Suspended

    Dear customers,

    Due to Brexit, customs clearance for international parcels has become increasingly difficult and delivery timeframe has been extended significantly and uncontrollably, resulting in our customers not receiving their orders on time or even been informed that their parcel cannot enter the country after many days of waiting in customs clearance. This situation has seriously affected the shopping experience of our customers and has heavily contradicted the principle of service that we, Starry Mart, aim to provide to our customers.

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  3. Kansai-Style Ozoni - Very Easy to Cook!



    Sato No Maru-Mochi  2 Slits
    Dashi Powder 2 teaspoons
    Water 200ml
    White Miso 2 Tablespoons
    Chicken 30g
    Enoki Mushroom 15g
    Bonito Flakes Appropriate amount
    Kamaboko, honey leaf, etc. If you like
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  4. Miso Soup with Mochi (2 Servings)


    Sato No Kiri-Mochi Paritto Slit 2 Slits
    Dashi Powder 3g
    Water 400ml
    Miso 2 Tablespoons
    Tofu 50g
    Dried Seaweed 5g
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  5. Christmas & New Year 2021 Delivery Schedule

    Dear customer,

    Ensure your parcels are delivered on time over the festive season by reviewing our Christmas posting schedule. 
    - Orders placed after the 21st December will not be dispatched until the 29th December.

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  6. Full Time Shop Assistant - Colchester (Mandarin/Cantonese speaking)

    星集市 Colchester 乐购超市 全职

    工作地址:143 Caelum Drive, Colchester

    工作时间:Monday-Sunday (57.5 小时)


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  7. Delays on order processing

    [Update: 17/11/2020] Thank you for your loyal support during this difficult time. As we are experiencing high volume of orders, the order processing time is currently at 6 working days. We are doing our very best to dispatch your orders as soon as possible.
    Sorry about the delay and thank you for your patience.

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  8. Product Recall [Sau Tao Non-Fried Spinach Noodle 454g (UPC: 087303862610)]

    Dear customer,

    Liroy B.V. (EU distributor for SAU TAO products) are recalling the SAU TAO Spinach Noodle 454g tray, due to the presence of the allergen egg in the product, which is not declared on the label.

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  9. Update on COVID-19 for shopping with Starry Mart

    [Update 09/10/2020]

    The processing time for your order will be increased due to the recent surge in online orders. Please allow up to 6 days (1-3 days processing time and 1-3 days delivery time) for your order to be delivered from purchase.

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  10. Recipe - Spring Onion Sauce Noodle Salad [Serves 2]


    • 2 bundles Shanghainese noodles (approximately 300g)
    • 1 spring onion, topped and tailed (approximately 160g)
    • 20g dried shrimps
    • 2 Tbsp oil

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