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  1. [Recipe utilizing Fusion Rice Cake] Cheese Rice Cake Rabbokki (for two people)

    Ingredients Preparation (paper cup and spoon measure)

    Main ingredients : TTUCK AHN AE cheese rice cake (250g), Ramen noodle (one bag), fish cake(2 sheets-100g), onion(1/4 of a head-50g), Green onion (1/3 of a stem)

    Broth ingredients : water(5 cups), kelp(5cm square shape, 4 sheets)

    Seasoning Ingredients : red pepper powder (2), sugar(0.5), minced garlic(0.5), hot pepper paste(3), brewed soy sauce(2), oyster sauce(1), oligosaccharide(2), sesame seed(0.5), sesame oil(0.5)

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  2. Chinese Dragon Boat Festival - Zongzi

    The Dragon Boat Festival is soon approaching. Every Chinese family is now preparing the tradition food for this day. What is the traditional dish for the Dragon boat festival?

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  3. Changes of Postage Rate 2018

    Change log

    11th June 2018

    • New courier service - APC Overnight, a better support & service for the frozen/chilled delivery. 
    • Free shipping is now available for Offshore UK (Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Scilly Isles). Orders over £100, first 25kg free. 
    • Standard delivery (<25kg) price drops £1.00 (Now £5.99)
    • Saturday special delivery (<25kg) price drops £5.01 (Now £9.99), added new Sunday special delivery service (£9.99). Both Sat/Sun delivery services only apply to dry goods order. 
    • Free shipping is available for few EU countrie destinations, >>more information 


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