Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. Recipe: How to cook Okonomiyaki

    Authentic okonomiyaki from the comfort of your home

    Otafuku's okonomiyaki flour is perfect for cooking restaurant-quality pancakes right at home. Making authentic okonomiyaki has never been easier - you can cook with the same flour used in homes and restaurants throughout Japan!

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  2. Yopokki Flash Sale Up to 10% Off

    Limited 2 Weeks Special Offer for Young Poong Yopokki now is available!

    Yobbokki offers a wide range of Topokki series- sweet and spicy, tomato and teriyaki garlic Topokki.

    Very easy to cook! 

    Enjoy the authentic Korean delicious Topokki at home!

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  3. Spent Over £69, Choose 1 of 2 Starry May Snack Gift

    Enjoy Limited Edition Japanese Snack at Starry Mart.

    Spend over £69 (excluding VAT) and enter the promo code MAYGIFT69 at checkout to choose your free Starry gift set!

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