Monthly Archives: October 2022

  1. Let's Make Cuty Halloween Spider Cookie

    Do you even wonder if you can do Halloween recipes in just 5 minutes?! 

    Let's make these kawaii spider biscuits with your family!

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  2. Trick or Treat! Treat Yourself a Halloween Gift Set

    We are launching 3 sets of exclusive Halloween gift sets on both our online store and branch stores.


    The price is as low as £7.99, up to 10 pieces of KitKat with 5 flavours.

    There are a total of 6 flavours within the Kitkat selection which include the Summer limited Mint flavour, Summer limited Salt Lemon Chocolate flavour, Matcha latte, Peach, Cookie & Cream, and Strawberry

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  3. Fresh Asia Dumpling Limited Buy 3 Get 1 Free Offer Launched!

    Limited Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer on Fresh Asia Promotion Flavours Release TODAY! 

    Only available for 1 Week!  

    Fresh Asia is proudly Europe’s leading brand of home-inspired oriental food.

    They specialise in producing high-quality, traditional Chinese dumplings. 

    This year they won 19 Stars from GREAT TASTE!!

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  4. Join us in Shotengai Market on this weekend October 15th to 16th 2022.

    Let's GO and join us @ Shotengai Market this weekend October 15th to 16th 2022.

    Starry Mart will hold a flash booth shop in Lower Stable Street Market in London this weekend, bringing you authentic Japanese food and interesting prizes.

    Some Hot food and Free tasting are also ready for you!

    Enjoy AND come to visit us 

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