A Tale of Love Across the Stars: The Legend of Chinese Valentine’s Festival

A Tale of Love Across the Stars: The Legend of Chinese Valentine’s Festival

Have You Heard About the QIXI Festival?


The QIXI Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, is steeped in a romantic tale from ancient China. This captivating and timeless love story has traversed centuries to become one of the four major folk love legends in China.


At its heart is the tale of a cowherd named Niulang and a weaver girl named Zhinü, both of divine origin. Their poignant love story unfolds against the backdrop of celestial laws (heaven) that forbid their union, a challenge they must overcome in pursuit of their love.


Zhinü, is tasked with weaving beautiful clouds in the sky as a form of retribution.

Niulang, cast from the heavens, leads a challenging life as a humble cow herder on Earth. He emerges as a symbol of resilience, having endured mistreatment from his family and finding solace in his loyal cow companion.


Their shared struggle forms a bond of survival, and together they build a modest home where they live in solitude. Their resilience extends to the land they cultivate, and they manage to thrive against all odds.

Years later, Niulang heeds his cow's advice and embarks on a journey to the Lotus Garden. Here, angels bathe, leaving behind red robes destined for his future wife. A daring act brings these robes into his possession, setting in motion a destiny intertwined with his beloved Zhinü.


Their love story takes a pivotal turn as they reunite against all odds, overcoming challenges and rekindling their bond through a blissful marriage. This chapter of their story is marked by the harmonious life they lead in their modest abode, raising two children and weaving cotton.


However, life's trials persist, and Niulang faces heartbreak when his cherished cow, his companion in survival, passes away. In a twist of fate, the cow imparts its wisdom to Niulang, revealing its celestial origins and instructing him to craft a coat from its hide. This coat holds the power to reunite him with his beloved Zhinü.


The ultimate test of their love arrives when the Mother Queen intervenes, sending a gust of wind to sweep Zhinü and her children toward the heavens. Guided by his cow's legacy, Niulang dons the coat and takes flight, determined to bridge the divide that separates them. The Mother Queen conjures a river (Milky Way) to prevent their reunion, yet the strength of their love persists.


Their heartfelt cries reach the heavens, moving the Mother Queen to reconsider. Niulang is granted a place in the heavens, although not alongside his wife and children. A bittersweet fate allows them to unite once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, as magpies form a bridge between their stars.


The QIXI Festival, celebrated on this significant day, has become a potent symbol of love and devotion. As couples express affection and exchange wishes for lasting relationships, the festival commemorates the enduring power of love across time and space.

Let us be your bridge, sending your love afar. 

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