Best Christmas Gift Ideas from Starry Mart

Best Christmas Gift Ideas from Starry Mart

Christmas season is finally around, so you can dive into this unique and merry atmosphere all over again. It is a great time full of miracles and unforgettable surprises. However, it may be rather stressful when it comes to choosing presents. 

Needless to say how important it is to find the best Christmas gifts for your beloved ones. But you have nothing to worry about. We’ve got you covered! In this holiday guide, we will provide you with the best Christmas gift ideas from Starry Mart, that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Don’t rack your brains 一 just keep reading and find out more about the gift ideas for Christmas. We’ve prepared the gift ideas for him, her, and the kids, so you can quickly jump to the corresponding section.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 

All women who take a special place in your life deserve only the best gifts. Refer to the list below and explore the range of items to impress themes with this Christmas 一 from cleansers and face masks to Japanese sake and liquor. 

We are sure you will find something to your liking. 

gifts for her

1. Cleansing Face Wash

Skincare products are always a great choice for a gift, especially if we talk about BCL Momopuri Cleansing Face Wash. This brilliant face cleanser has a unique formula and contains peach ceramide and lactic acid. 

It is a perfect choice for all skin types, that guarantees you fine hydration, pore tightening effect and baby peach skin. Such a great thing, isn’t it2

2. Mild Moisture Soap

Kanebo Freeplus Mild Moisture Soap is a perfect solution for sensitive skin. Thanks to its gentle bubbles all the skin dirt is removed seamlessly leaving your skin finely moisturized. 

You can forget about any skin dryness and be sure that Chinese and Japanese plant extracts, contained in this cleanser, will protect and hydrate your skin.  

3. Super Moisturizing 3D Face Mask

Surprise your giftee with the Kracie Hadabisei Aging-Care Super Moisturizing 3D Face Mask. This adjustable three-dimensional face mask makes your skin soft and elastic.

Fermented rice liquid and penetrating hyaluronic acid get deep into your skin and provide a moisturizing effect. 

4. Bubble Foaming Hair Color

This a brilliant Christmas gift idea for those, who are not afraid of changes. Kao Liese Prettia Bubble Foaming Hair Color New York Ash has an easily applicable texture and guarantees a desirable colour shade. 

What is more, be sure that your hair won’t be damaged, but well moisturized and protected.

5. Majorca Lash King Mascara

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara is well known for its lengthening features. The fibre-rich formula creates an amazing effect, thickens weak lashes and curls them finely. 

And this is not all! This mascara is waterproof and resistant to sweat, and sebum.

6. Cinnamoroll Hair Brush 

Looking for some cute Christmas present for your giftee? What about Miniso Sanrio Character Limited Collab Cinnamoroll Hair Brush? With its soft bristles, this brush will work perfectly well with both dry and wet hair. Its sweet design will appeal to any Sanrio fan.

7. Calbee Frugra Fruits & Granola

Tasty food is always a win-win solution. So, why not consider it to be a great gift idea? Calbee Frugra granola consists of oats, fruits, and grains and is not only tasty but also truly healthy. Try this crispy granola and be sure that you will fall in love with its taste. 

8. Choya Ume Salute Sparkling 

Your holiday is not complete without a bottle of sparkling wine, right? We are pretty sure that Choya Ume Salute Sparkling wine is exactly what you need. This mixture of Italian grape wine and Nanko plum juice from Kishu has fine bubbles, a stunning fragrance, and a rich taste. It is a perfect choice for special occasions with friends and family.

9. Hakutsuru Junmai Nigori Sayuri

The creamy taste of the Coarse-Filtered Sake will catch the attention of your giftee. It is characterized by a light strawberry aroma and smooth aftertaste. "Sayuri" is brewed with koji rice and natural spring water from Mount Rokko. 

A perfect choice for all sake fans! 

10. Takara Wa-Liqueur Kyoto Yuzu Flavour

Takara Wa-Liqueur Kyoto Yuzu Flavour is a great choice for a special occasion. This liqueur is made of yuzu, a typical Japanese citrus lemon-like fruit. Its citrus taste and fresh fragrance add a special Japanese accent to your drinks or cocktails. 

11. YHB Ocean Bomb & Sailor Moon Sparkling Water

Here is one more interesting Christmas gift idea 一 YHB Ocean Bomb & Sailor Moon Sparkling Water. It will impress all the Sailor Moon lovers, not only with its colourful design but also with its refreshing fruit taste. 


Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

It may be rather puzzling at times to find a worthy gift for him. Nevertheless, we have prepared a list full of great Christmas gift ideas. Thus you have so many options to choose from.


Gifts for him

1. Bandai Dragon Ball Super Warrior

If your giftee is a Dragon Ball Super Warrior Seal Wafer Z fan, we have a cool idea for the Christmas gift. This is the Bandai Dragon Ball Super Warrior Random Character Figures that includes 12 figures Dragon Ball Super Warrior Seal Wafer Z illustration. 

They are packed randomly, so it is always a surprise since you don’t know what character exactly you have got. 

2. Bandai Gundam Converge 

Bandai Gundam Converge 10th Anniversary represents 6 figures and the corresponding Mobile Suits that were highly requested by the fans. Here you can also find all the included accessory parts and a stand that make this set even more authentic. 

3. Bandai Shokugan Pokemon Scale World Galar

If you are looking for a gift for a person involved in the Pokemon universe, have a look at this Bandai Shokugan Pokemon Scale World Galar

These 12 figures serve as a representation of the Pokemon Sword and Shield series heroes. The quality and beautiful design are all up to the mark!

4. Rubber Hair Wax 

Hairstyle is a crucial element of the general look. Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax is a useful means for flawless hair styling. With the help of the moving rubber, this particular hair wax makes restyling completely possible. 

A brand-new “smooth polymer” creates a less sticky finish and a light apple aroma serves as an excellent bonus.

5. Men's Facial Wash 

Skincare has always been of top importance. So why not choose Kao Biore Men's Facial Wash for a Christmas gift? Its mild texture doesn’t irritate the skin, but gently cleans the dirt and prevents acne. This cleanser also contains menthol that guarantees a cooling effect. 

6. Men Face Care Cream 

Shiseido UNO Men Face Care Cream is one more not-to-miss Christmas gift idea. It is a perfect choice for oily, yet dehydrated skin since it is non-comedogenic. This 5-in-1 cream contains oil-control powder and hyaluronic acid, which prevent the skin from getting greasy and make it possible to use the cream during all seasons. 

7. Den-en Shuzo Gold 

How about a bottle of Japanese Shuzo? We consider it to be a splendid gift as well. 

Den-en Shuzo is an example of the pioneered idea of barrel-stored Shochu. A special technique is used to produce this drink: playing music while aging Shochu, which is believed to enhance fermentation and barrel aging. 

Sounds interesting, right? And tastes even better!

8. Nikka Whisky Black Clear 

A bottle of whiskey has never been a bad idea, especially if we talk about Nikka Whisky Black Clear. We suggest you choose it for your giftee because its delightful fragrance and exquisite taste won’t leave anyone indifferent. 

It’s a combination of vintage and modern shades that makes this Japanese whiskey so special. 

9. Sake with Gold Foil Sakura

Kamotsuru Shuzo Daiginjo Sake with Gold Foil Sakura is another excellent gift idea for sake connoisseurs. This a true classic, light, a bit tropical, and fresh. 

You can find two edible, gold flake Sakura blossoms in each bottle, which represent two cranes who’ve created a couple for life. Such a unique feature makes this sake stand up.

10. Mitsutake Hokuto no Ken: Imo Shochu Ougonsenkan 

Is your giftee a manga fan? If your answer is “Yes” then have a look at the Mitsutake Hokuto no Ken: Imo Shochu Ougonsenkan. The bottles display the hero Kenshiro and his famous quote You are already dead”. 

With a strong sweet potato aroma and a black koji, this shochu is characterized by its sweetness and particularly gentle texture. An excellent combination!

11. Wuliangye 

Wuliangye is a legendary Chinese liquor and a top Christmas gift recommendation. Distilled from 5 choice fermented grains, Wuliangye liquor has a lasting fragrance, mild taste, and well-balanced flavor. 

It is a popular drink during successful business deals celebrations in Chinese culture. So, if your giftee is a businessman, especially in China, it is a perfect match for you.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 

Children are the flowers of life, they say. So, we want to surprise them with the finest gifts. Look at these Christmas gift ideas for kids, and choose the best items for your special little person. 


Gifts for kids

1. Bandai Pretty Cure 

"Pretty Cute" is a truly cute figure and a perfect gift for your little bear. It is randomly chosen from the following sets: Cure Precious Set, Cure Spicy Set, Cure Yum Yum Set, Nigi Nigi Set, Pampam & Menmen. 

So, there is always a sense of surprise, since you don’t know what doll exactly you are going to get. And sweet chewing gum is always a nice bonus.

2. Bandai Sanrio Character 

If you are looking for a Sanrio Characters fan, have a look at Bandai Sanrio Character Collab Kyara Paki Carving Chocolate. It is a perfect combination of the sweet chocolate flavor and a background design of the character’s individuality. It looks so cute and tastes even better!

3. Ageo Kyoto Hand-Made Konpeito Candy 

These delicious ramune and konpeito candies will be a brilliant Christmas gift. A transparent case is filled with colorful cat-shaped sweets, that come with Japanese sugar candies in four different flavors. 

Everybody knows how much kids like sweets, so these little cat candies will be a double pleasure. 

4. Fujiya Anpan-Man Chocolate Lollipop

Fujiya Anpan-Man Chocolate Lollipop is an excellent gift for all the fans of the super famous Japanese hero Anpanman. This huge lollipop with the Anpanman face on it and sweet chocolate is exactly what children will like. 

Moreover, there are 2 mini molds included, with the help of which your giftees can create their own mini faces.

5. Lipstick Candy

Heart Delicious Party Pretty Cure Collab Lipstick is one of the best Christmas gifts for kids. You may think that it is lipstick, but it turns out to be a grape-flavored syrupy candy in a tube-like container! 

A charming design featuring “Delicious Party Pretty Cure” characters makes this treat even more desirable. Additionally, this candy contains vitamin C and lactic acid bacteria, so it is not only tasty but healthy as well.

6. Sumikko Gurashi DIY Fluffy Pancake 

Does your little giftee like cooking? Then Heart Sumikko Gurashi DIY Fluffy Pancake is your perfect Christmas gift option. It allows you to make your own mini fluffy pancakes! 

Follow straightforward steps and decorate everything with the caramel sauce topping which is also included. The design featuring Sumikko Gurashi characters is a nice addition. 

7. Hello Kitty Giant Lolipop

This giant Lolliboni Hello Kitty Lolipop with Candy and Toys has all the chances to leave your giftee speechless! It contains a sweet candy and a few toys that come together with it. An amazing taste and such an endearing design will appeal to every child. 

8. Black Gel Pen Set 

Studying has never been so captivating, as with M&G Quick-dry 0.5mm Black Gel Pen Set of 3 - Sweet Bunny Design! Just a quick look at these pens makes it obvious that a kid will use them with pleasure. Such a cute design will make the learning process funnier.

9. MIGHTY JAXX Kwistal Fwenz X

Bring a little magic to your giftee with the MIGHTY JAXX Kwistal Fwenz X My Little Pony Series 02. Beloved My Little Pony characters come in this blind box collection and serve as a wonderful gift for Christmas. The gorgeous design will let you feel the atmosphere of the Kwistal Fwenz. 

The series includes regular characters as well as the famous Princess Celestia and Princess Luna! 

10. Sanrio Character Limited Collab Cinnamoroll Keychain

One more interesting Christmas gift idea is Sanrio Character Limited Collab Cinnamoroll Keychain. Its soft colors and adorable design are truly appealing. Cinnamoroll, a popular Sanrio character, will become a great part of your giftee’s collection. 

11. Sanrio Character Hair Clip

Sanrio Character Hair Clip is a great gift for your little beauties. This cute design features Kuromi, a famous Sanrio character, and helps to create and decorate a hairstyle. You can be sure that true Sanrio fans will appreciate such a gift.

12. Pikachu Ultralight Stainless Water Bottle 

Why not consider Skater Pokemon Pikachu Ultralight Stainless Water Bottle as a Christmas gift option? The cute Pikachu design will leave anyone speechless. The one-push open mechanism gives you easy access to the bottle, and the vacuum double-layer structure keeps drinks cold for a long time.

And here you go! Hopefully, the list above will inspire and help you to choose a unique Christmas present or an item for your gift box. With the Starry Mart holiday gift guide, you can quit gift haunting with peace of mind and slip into holiday mode.