Chinese New Year's Sixth Day Tradition: Farewell to 'Poverty God'

Chinese New Year's Sixth Day Tradition: Farewell to 'Poverty God'

As the Chinese New Year festivities continue, the sixth day brings a unique tradition – Kicking Out the 'Poverty God.' This day is marked by a significant act of cleansing and renewal, as families engage in a thorough house cleaning to usher out misfortune and welcome prosperity. In this blog, we delve into the origin and customs surrounding sending off the 'Poverty God' on the sixth day of the lunar new year.


Chinese New Year's Sixth Day Tradition: Farewell To The 'Poverty God' 


Origin of the tradition

The tradition of bidding farewell to the 'Poverty God' on the sixth day has its roots in ancient Chinese folklore. Legend has it that the 'Poverty God' visits households during the Lunar New Year period to bring hardship and challenges. To ensure a fresh start to the new year, families thoroughly cleanse the accumulated misfortune and make way for good luck and prosperity.


Customs and Rituals

House Cleaning

On the morning of the sixth day, households embark on a comprehensive cleaning spree. Every nook and cranny is meticulously scrubbed, and accumulated clutter is discarded. This act is symbolic of casting away the old and making room for new opportunities.


Sweeping Outdoors

The cleansing ritual transcends the boundaries of the home, encompassing outdoor areas like courtyards and entrances. These spaces are meticulously swept clean, symbolizing the removal of any lingering negative energies or obstacles. By sweeping outdoors, it is believed that a clear and unobstructed path is created, allowing for the free flow of positive energy and good fortune into the household. This age-old practice not only purifies the physical environment but also purges the spiritual realm, ushering in a sense of renewal and auspicious beginnings.


Red Decorations

Red decorations play a crucial role in this tradition. Red is considered an auspicious colour in Chinese culture, symbolizing good luck and happiness. Families often adorn their homes with red banners, lanterns, and other decorations to invite positive energy.


Opening Windows and Doors

To allow the 'Poverty God' to exit the premises, windows and doors are opened wide on the sixth day. This gesture is thought to facilitate the departure of any lingering negativity and allow prosperity to enter.


Bidding farewell to the 'Poverty God' on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year is a symbolic and cleansing ritual that transcends mere physical cleaning. It embodies the cultural belief in the power of renewal and the pursuit of a prosperous future. As families engage in this age-old tradition, they not only sweep away the remnants of misfortune but also embrace the promise of a fresh start filled with abundance and good fortune.


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