Cooking Takoyaki at Home! Easy Home Recipe!

Cooking Takoyaki at Home! Easy Home Recipe!

How to cook Takoyaki at home?

Takoyaki|タコ焼き (蛸焼)|章鱼小丸子

Takoyaki originated in Osaka, Japan, formerly known as "タコ焼き (蛸焼), with crispy skin and tender meat, delicious and cheap, is a well-known national quintessence snack in Japan.


Today, we are going to introduce how to make Takoyaki at home. Enjoy traditional Japanese dishes easier with Starry Mart!


Water 600ml
Okonomiyaki Takoyaki flour 180g
Egg 2pcs
 Octopus several slices
Tempura Crisps 20g
Green onion 20g
Red pickled ginge 5g
Katsuobushi some



Step1:Prepare a container, pour water, Okonomiyaki Takoyaki flour, and eggs, and stir them well, set aside for later use.

  • 准备一个盆子,分别倒入清水600ml、Okonomiyaki 章鱼烧面粉 180ml、鸡蛋2个,并搅拌均匀,放在一边备用

Step2:Prepare another container, pour in Tempura Crisps, Green onion, and red pickled ginger, stir well, and set aside for later use

  • 准备另一个容器,倒入天妇罗脆片 20g、葱20g、红姜将其搅拌均匀,备用

Step3:Heat the Takoyaki maker to 200℃, brush a layer of oil on it, and add the mixture to half of the container after the oil temperature rises

  • 将Takoyaki maker加热至200℃,用刷子给烤盘刷上油、油温上升时加入混合液至容器的二分之一

Step4:Add sliced octopus one by one

  • 逐个小孔加入切好的章鱼块

Step5:Sprinkle with mixed ingredients

  • 撒上混合蔬菜佐料

Step6:Continue to pour the mixture, wait for the liquid to solidify, use chopsticks to cut on the surface of the maker, and turn it over one by one.

  • 继续淋上章鱼烧混合液,等待液体凝固,用筷子在表面切割并将其翻面

Step7:Keep turning over to make them baked evenly

  • 持续翻面使得章鱼烧表面烤制均匀

Step8:Remove the grilled Takoyakis and pour over the Otafuku takoyaki sauce

  • 出锅后淋上otafuku章鱼烧特质酱料

Step9:Top some Katsuobushi on it at the end to give your Takoyaki more authentic!

  • 最后加上一些柴鱼片,让你的章鱼烧更有灵魂!