Embracing Tradition: Exploring the Customs of the Fourth Day of Chinese New Year 大年初四

Embracing Tradition: Exploring the Customs of the Fourth Day of Chinese New Year 大年初四

In the rich tapestry of Chinese folklore, today (13.02.24) the fourth day of the Lunar New Year holds a distinctive significance. According to tradition, this day marks the inspection by the Kitchen God (灶王爷), prompting households to stay indoors.

Families across the nation engage in preparations, adorning their homes with an abundance of fruits, lighting incense, and setting off firecrackers as a respectful gesture to welcome the divine presence.


While many of these practices lack empirical evidence, their endurance over time can be attributed to the beautiful aspirations embedded within them. Beyond the rituals, these customs carry the collective hopes and wishes of people seeking blessings and warding off misfortunes.


One notable tradition on this day involves creating a hearty stew by combining the remaining dishes from the past few days. This communal activity symbolizes the cleansing of New Year goods, marking a fresh start and the removal of energies accumulated from the previous year. Homes come alive with activity as indoor spaces are meticulously dusted, floors swept, and leftover refuse piled in the courtyard – a symbolic act known as "disposing of poverty." (扔穷)


The essence of the fourth day of the Chinese New Year lies not just in the rituals and traditions but in the community coming together to celebrate cultural practices that have withstood the test of time. The day serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit that connects generations, fostering a sense of unity and renewal within households.


As we embrace the traditions of 大年初四, let us appreciate the cultural richness and the enduring spirit that connects generations. May this day bring not only a symbolic cleansing but also a renewed sense of hope and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon


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