The new King of Ramen has arrived!

The new King of Ramen has arrived!

Nissin Raoh (Raoh means King in Japanese) Ramen

The original Nissin Raoh ramen prides itself with a state- of-the-art, triple-layer, non-frying, ramen production process which gives birth to an instant ramen that is the same as, if not better than traditional Japanese ramen shops. 

The ramen literally “bounces” in your mouth with each bite, giving you a totally satisfaction for mouthfeel and it does not end here.  Each pack of Nissin Raoh ramen is paired with a rich and savoury broth that is bursting with Umami flavour.  The texture and flavour of Nissin Raoh ramen is enough to turn the heads of the most sceptical ramen critics!      

To give the Nissin Roah ramen even more depth and complexity.  Nissin has developed the Nissin Roah Kogashi instant ramen.


What is Kogashi ramen?

Pork lard is heated to an extremely high temperature (between 300˚C to 320˚C) and then, miso paste or soy sauce is added to the burning lard to create the signature Kogashi flavour.  Finally, chicken or pork broth is added. 

The Kogashi ramen broth gives a slight bitter taste, is full of Umami and is loaded with the charred fragrance.   


Now you can get your own Super Umami Nissin Raoh Kogashi ramen from Starry Asian Market!

Come check out the smoking hot items:



Nissin Raoh kogashi shoyu flavour:

The original Kogashi ramen, has a smooth and fragrance taste.


Nissin Raoh kogashi- Miso Ramen

The ramen for miso fans, the miso broth is rich with a hint of sweetness beneath the Kogashi flavour.


Nissin Raoh kogashi- Tonkotsu “Geki- Kara” (very spicy) Ramen

Fancy it “Very-Hot”?  The Nissin Raoh Kogashi Tonkotsu Genki-Kara ramen will surely give you more than just a kick on your taste buds.