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The Yutaka range of Japanese food products was introduced to the UK market in 1995. The growing range now includes ingredients for sushi, sauces, soups, rice, noodles and “easy to use” meal kits. Having been the first in the market, the brand continues to be the leading Japanese ingredient brand in 16 countries across Europe and the Middle East.

Tazaki Foods, the name behind the Yutaka brand, was the pioneer of Japanese food in the UK when the company opened the first Japanese restaurant in the country over 35 years ago. Since then we have been the leading supplier to the Japanese restaurants, hospitality industries and food manufacturers in the UK. It is these many years of experience in dealing with the finest quality Japanese food ingredients that goes into the development of every Yutaka product – demonstrating the Japanese meaning of Yutaka being “Good Harvest”.

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  1. Yutaka Frozen Unagi Kabayaki 250g

  2. Yutaka Frozen Yuba 260g

  3. Yutaka Japanese Cooking Sake 220ml

  4. Yutaka Japanese Cooking Sake 6*200ml

  5. Yutaka Nigiri Sushi Maker

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    Yutaka Renkon Mizuni (Boiled Lotus Roots) 150g

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  7. Yutaka Sushi Ginger 190g

  8. Yutaka Sushi Ginger Pink 1.6kg

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    Yutaka Sushi Rice Originario Premium Grade 5kg

    Special Price £12.50 Regular Price £14.00
  10. Yutaka Sushi Roll Kit (Serves 2) 260g

  11. Yutaka Tobiko Black 500g

  12. Yutaka Tobiko Orange 500g

  13. Yutaka Udon Noodle 200g

  14. Yutaka Wasabi Peas 2kg

  15. Yutaka Wasabi Powder Premium Grade 1kg

  16. Yutaka Yuzu Citrus Seasoning 100ml

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