Frozen & Chilled Product Delivery Terms

[Update] 25/08/2020  - Frozen items are temporarily suspended until carrier service stabilised
We CANNOT ship frozen items to - areas outside of mainland United Kingdom, (including Highlands, Islands of Scottland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly) and any other EU countries.
Please note, we do not advice to order frozen/chilled products if you are aware of the difficulties to get access of the property when delivering. 

When arriving 

Customer must transfer all the frozen products to the freezer and chilled products to the fridge immediately after arrival. 


We use the most sustainable materials such as polystyrene foam boxes to pack our frozen and chilled products. It is to ensure the quality of the goods when arrival. We also use dry ice for frozen products and ice-packs for chilled products to maintain the temperature during delivery. The purpose of this is to make sure products are in controlled temperature when arriving to our customers.

Duration of dry ice/ice-packs

Frozen packaging genuinely can last round 24 hours starting on the day of dispatching. StarryMart will not guarantee the quality of the goods after 24 hours.


Frozen/ chilled products get dispatch on weekly Tuesday – Thursday. For example, if you have placed an order (including frozen/chilled products) on Sunday, your order will get dispatched on Tuesday. However, in some exceptional cases:

  • Road closure.
  • Insufficient dry ice supply
  • Severe weather conditions
  • Strike

Starry Mart reserve the right to hold the order until the problems are clear up.

Collection of the parcels

Dispatched parcel collection is between 2pm – 6pm every working day. For frozen/chilled products, collection times are 2 pm, 4 pm on weekly Tuesday and Thursday. After courier collected your parcel, you will receive an email from courier.

Delivery notes from courier

You will receive a delivery note from the courier by email. Please read the email carefully and follow the instruction provided.

Customer must make sure they will be home to sign for the frozen/chilled parcel. *if you know that there will not be anyone home to sign for the frozen/chilled parcel, please contact to delay dispatching your order.

Defrost/ damaged items

The dry ice we provided is to maintain the temperture of the frozen goods. It genuinely last up to 24 hours. When arriving to customer, frozen products may be slightly defrost on the surface but the products are still in prefect condition. It is highly unlikely for frozen items to get completely defrost or damaged.

  • Starry Mart will not be responsible if the customer decided to re-arrange the delivery time for the parcel (containing frozen/chilled products) which caused the frozen/chilled products to defrost and/or get damaged.
  • Any problems regarding frozen/chilled items must be reported to Starry Mart  within 2 hours of receiving the parcel.
  • Any failed delivery must be reported within 1 hour after noticed delivery time slot by courier.

Please note, dry ice is a form of gas to maintain the temperture, it will dissolve in air after 24 hours.