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按月存档: 八月 2022

  1. Let's Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Starry Mart Colchester Store! Limited Offer Only 3 Days!

    3 days Special Offers from 2 September to 4 September 2022 at Colchester Store.

    Taraka Sho Chiku Bai Shirakabegura Mio Sparkling Sake Testing Event

    MIO is a festive, sparkling sake, bright with aromas of peach, ripe persimmon, freesia, and fresh bread. Its gentle effervescence creates a refreshing piquancy in the mouth, and sets off the flavours of pear and peach, with accents of yellow rose and baking spice.

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  2. Cooking grilled eel over rice in 10 minutes!

    Grilled Eel over Rice|うなぎ丼 (鰻丼)|鳗鱼饭

    Grilled Eel over Rice is a traditional Japanese dish, which is especially popular in summer. The sweet and savory sauce wraps the silky soft eel meat and makes it even more delicious in hot weather!


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  3. Cooking Takoyaki at Home! Easy Home Recipe!

    How to cook Takoyaki at home?

    Takoyaki|タコ焼き (蛸焼)|章鱼小丸子

    Takoyaki originated in Osaka, Japan, formerly known as "タコ焼き (蛸焼), with crispy skin and tender meat, delicious and cheap, is a well-known national quintessence snack in Japan.


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  4. Join Starry Mart summer carnival in London , gain various gifts!

    Summer festival is coming!

    As one of Japan's traditional festivals, many Japanese will wear kimonos and go shopping, and participate in entertainment activities on this day.

    Starry Mart will hold a flash booth shop in Lower Stable Street Market in London this August,

    bringing you authentic Japanese food and many interesting games &prizes.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in our booth! Buy anything from Starry Mart booth, you will gain a free entry. Come, play and enjoy!

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