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按月存档: 九月 2022

  1. Make Vietnamese spring rolls at home!

    Vietnamese Spring rolls |chả giò|越南春卷

    Vietnamese Spring rolls are the iconic Vietnamese food which has crystal clear appearance and ever-changing taste.

    With the expansion of Vietnamese-style restaurants, people are familiar with this dish. Actually, there are many types and methods of spring rolls. You can easily make them at home according to your own favorite flavor.

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  2. Make korean cuisine— kimchi pancake in 4 steps

    Kimchi Pancake |김치 부침개|泡菜煎饼

    是一种美味的煎饼,通常用小麦粉制成。 它是用一点调味料和大量泡菜制成的。 韩国泡菜煎饼的名字是 Kimchi Buchimgae (김치 부침개),但也有人称它为 Kimchi Jeon (김치전)

    Kimchi pancake is a savory pancake commonly made with wheat flour. It is made with a bit of seasoning and loads of kimchi! The Korean name for kimchi pancakes is Kimchi Buchimgae (김치 부침개), but some people might also call it Kimchi Jeon (김치전)

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  3. Wow! A Big Congratulation to Our Starry Mart Family Member!

    On September 3rd, 2022, Starry Mart awarded Academic Scholarships to our employee's child for the first time. The first one to win the award is Michael Wu, who will go to Queen Mary University of London to study Medicine this September.


    Michael's mother Jenny joined Starry Mart in 2019 and has been serving for 3 years.  Starry Mart provided flexibility in work-life balance and responsibilities with their family commitments.

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  4. Bring home flavors back to school!Buy Electric Stew Pot Get a soup ingredient bag!

    An exciting new school season is approaching! Are you ready for it?

    Do you worry about not adapting to the new diet on campus?

    Will you miss the food cooked by family at home?

    Today, we highly recommend a must-have appliance for you——Midea electric stew pot.

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  5. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming!Buy Meixin mooncake get a free oolong tea bag

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming!

     Good news for you

    Now, buy any Meixin mooncake on Starrymart, you will get a free oolong tea bag     as a giveaway.

    Trust me, the tastes just get better when you enjoy them together!

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