1. Don't Miss Starry Mart's Japanese Delights at HYPER JAPAN!

    We can’t wait to Bringing Japan to your doorstep @ HYPER JAPAN this year!

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  2. 2024 Easter Service Schedule

    Dear customer,

    As Easter approaches, we would love to take a moment to express our gratitude for your continued support and patronage. In observance of the Easter holiday, we want to inform you of our upcoming closure dates.

    Our warehouse services will be closed from 29th March to 1st April. Normal operations will resume on 2nd April.

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  3. Best 9 Places to Hunt Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) across the UK

    While sakura (cherry blossoms) are most famously associated with Japan, there are also some places across the United Kingdom where you can enjoy the beauty of sakura during the spring season.

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  4. Celebrating Humanity: The Significance of the Seventh Day in Chinese New Year 大年初七

    On the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, the festivities take a meaningful turn as we celebrate a unique occasion – People's Day or "Ren Sheng Jie (人胜节)" also known as "Ren Qi Ri (人七日)." It's more than just a date on the calendar; it's a day embedded in Chinese mythology, marking the creation of humanity by the goddess Nuwa.

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  5. A Daughter's Return: Reuniting with Family on the Second Day of Chinese New Year

    The second day of the Chinese New Year, also known as "Kai Nian" in Mandarin, holds special significance for many families as it marks the beginning of the official celebrations. Amidst the festive atmosphere, a heartwarming tradition unfolds as daughters return to their parental homes, bringing joy, laughter, and a sense of familial unity. This annual reunion is a cherished custom that not only strengthens family bonds but also symbolizes the continuity of traditions across generations.

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  6. Embracing Tradition: Exploring the Customs of the Fourth Day of Chinese New Year 大年初四

    In the rich tapestry of Chinese folklore, today (13.02.24) the fourth day of the Lunar New Year holds a distinctive significance. According to tradition, this day marks the inspection by the Kitchen God (灶王爷), prompting households to stay indoors.

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  7. Celebrating Lunar New Year: The Radiant Tradition of Hanging Lanterns on the 12th Day

    As the Lunar New Year approaches, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation. Among the myriad customs and traditions that accompany this festive season, one timeless practice stands out - the enchanting display of lanterns on the 12th day of the lunar calendar. This age-old tradition not only adds a touch of jubilation to the surroundings but also symbolizes hope, prosperity, and collective aspirations for a brighter future.

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  8. Lunar New Year's 11th Day: Father-in-law's Feast Tradition

    In the tapestry of Chinese traditions and customs, the Lunar New Year is a vibrant and joyous celebration marked by various rituals and observances. Among these, the 11th day of the Lunar New Year holds a unique significance, as it is the day when fathers-in-law extend a warm invitation to their sons-in-law for a special feast. This age-old custom symbolizes familial unity, respect, and strengthening bonds between two families.

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  9. All You Have to Know on The First Day of Chinese New Year

    As the vibrant colours of lanterns light up the streets and the tantalizing aroma of festive delicacies fills the air, we joyfully welcome the first day of Chinese New Year! This auspicious occasion is steeped in tradition, each ritual carrying centuries of cultural significance. Let's delve into the enchanting customs that mark the beginning of this joyous lunar celebration.

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  10. Chinese New Year Ninth Day: Celebrating The 'Heavenly Birthday'

    Hey, fellow adventurers! We're diving into the celestial vibes of Chinese New Year, specifically the ninth day, also known as "天日",  "天公日" or the 'Heavenly Birthday.' Legend has it that this is the day when the Jade Emperor himself, the big shot in the heavenly realm, celebrates his birthday. Get ready to explore the traditions and customs that make the ninth day of the lunar new year truly out-of-this-world!

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