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  1. What is Popping Boba? Complete Guide

    Since summer is in full swing, we finally have a chance to enjoy warm days and sunny weather. Yet, sometimes it may get a bit too hot outside. This is why, some refreshing treats become not just a wish, but a necessity. That being said, popping boba might be exactly what you need.

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  2. Best Soju Flavours and Brands to Try

    We can all agree that soju is perhaps one of the most popular drinks of Asian origin. It is embedded in Korean culture and traditions, being highly appreciated not only in Korea but abroad.

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  3. How to Eat Korean BBQ? Insider Tips

    Korean cuisine has become sought-after over the last couple of years. It’s no wonder, given the vast variety of dishes and flavours it provides. Korean signature treats win people’s hearts all over the globe, offering an unforgettable experience for all willing explorers.

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  4. Top 10 Best Vermicelli Noodle Recipes

    If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, you certainly know a lot of different dishes and how to cook them. That being said, how do you like vermicelli noodles? Being of Chinese and Vietnamese origin, they are highly appreciated abroad as well.

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  5. Top 10 Best Japanese Drinks

    Japanese culture, one of the most authentic in the world, has so much to offer for a keen enthusiast. Advanced technologies, magnificent nature, anime and manga, extremely polite locals and delicious food 一 make your head spin with the variety of tastes. The list has no visible end so far.

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  6. Difference Between Sake and Soju

    We can all agree that each culture has a unique cuisine that won’t be complete without good liquor. Many Asian dishes are hard to imagine without the company of sake and soju that complement the bright palette of these dishes.

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  7. Top 15 Japanese Candies You Must Try

    For everybody who’s got a sweet tooth, there are so many tasty treats, it’s almost impossible to resist. The struggle is even more real when it comes to Japanese candies. Their variety and perfectly balanced flavours never fail to impress. Both children and adults will find something to their liking.

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  8. Difference Between Udon and Soba: Udon vs. Soba

    When it comes to Japanese cuisine, one can only be amazed by its diversity. The variety of authentic dishes is truly dazzling with noodles being an absolute standout. Some of their types are talked about more than others, for instance, ramen noodles. But it doesn’t mean that the rest should be left behind.

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