Best Chinese New Year Gifts 2023

Best Chinese New Year Gifts 2023

Chinese New Year, or as it’s also known 一 Lunar New Year, is one of the most significant holidays in Chinese culture. Associated with warm family gatherings and traditions, this season is a great source of joy for those who join a celebration. 

The new 2023 year is a year of the rabbit. This tender and timid animal is believed to be the luckiest one out of the other twelve animals. It is a symbol of beauty, elegance, and mercy. 

Moreover, it greatly approves of presenting gifts, which are inevitable elements of this wonderful holiday. 

If you still haven’t decided what to choose for your family, friends, loved ones, or coworkers, it’s not a matter for you to puzzle over anymore. In this article, you will find the best Chinese new year gift ideas that will work perfectly for such a special occasion.  


Home Suppliers

Home suppliers definitely bring a sense of coziness to each dwelling area. They have the potential to make household chores way more pleasant. Not to mention their modern design which is always an advantage. Just have a look at the items on the list. 



1. Midea Electric Stew Pot  

It is a great option for you to consider. Its lovely view and wide range of features turn cooking into a pleasure and save the time you have to spend on preparing your favourite dishes. 

2. Supor Breakfast Cooker Baking Pan.

If your giftee’s looking for ways to bring new colouring to their meals, then you might be interested in this Supor Breakfast Cooker Baking Pan. This tool allows people to multi-task and broaden one’s culinary experience. 

3.  Supor Electric Multi-Function Cooking Pot

Having a piece of equipment that you can easily use either for meat, seafood, or vegetables is always a win-win. With the help of the Supor Electric Multi-Function Cooking Pot one can gratify even the pickiest palates and implement their cooking ideas. 

4. Supor Electric Steamer

A healthy lifestyle will never go out of fashion. If your giftee shares this idea, you might want to consider the Supor Electric Steamer. It’s an essential thing for bringing healthy culinary ideas to life and making their preparation more enjoyable. 



They say: “Food is the ingredient that binds us together” and we can pretty much agree with this statement. So why not choose some goodies for the lunar new year gift, right? Jump to the list below to find more New Year gift ideas. 


1. ABC Jelly Straws  

ABC Jelly Straws could make a nice present for your little giftee. This treat is even more appealing because of its sweet fruit flavour and vibrant appearance.

2. Calbee Frugra Granola

It is not only delicious but also truly healthy from a nutrition point of view. Being made of grains and fruits, it contains lots of vitamins, fibre, and iron that can complement one’s diet fairly well. 

3. Cocon Jelly Pudding.

One more new year gift idea is Cocon Jelly Pudding. Its fruity taste and mild texture will leave no one indifferent. So if your giftee enjoys this kind of food, you can give this option a shot. 

4. Garden Fortune Cookies 

Have you ever heard of the Garden Fortune Cookies? These are traditional Chinese cookies that are packed individually and contain a little prediction inside. So, these crisp treats can be a great part of the New Year’s fun. 

5. Gold Label Almond Cookies

It can be a handful gift for those who like taking snacks on the go. These cookies are simple to keep in a bag due to their convenient packaging and tiny size, which is definitely an advantage. 

6. Hsufuchi DODO Lollipops 

And how do you like Hsufuchi DODO Lollipops? Your little giftee will certainly be surprised by their delicious fruity flavour and colourful packaging. Moreover, there are lots of candies in one box. So the joy of eating them will last a long time. 

7. October Fifth Coconut Cookies  

You shouldn’t miss October Fifth Coconut Cookies as well. These have a rich coconut taste and are easy to eat straight from the package. It would be a perfect option for Chinese pastries fans.  



The definition of beauty is eagerly debated. But when it comes to skincare, no one will dispute the significance of using the right products for a healthy and glowing appearance. So, have a look at the list of items we’ve compiled for you in the list below. 



1. BCL Momopuri Cleansing Face Wash

It might be a real find for your giftee. It contains peach ceramide and lactobacillus, the usage of which helps to achieve smooth baby skin. This item should certainly be on your list of gifts for the Lunar new year. 

2.  DHC Flavoured Moisture Lip Cream

Made of natural oils and plant ingredients, DHC Flavoured Moisture Lip Cream has the potential to shield one's lips from roughness and dryness. Its smooth, non-sticky texture is unquestionably a major plus.

3. Dr.Jart+ Dermask Ultra Facial Mask

It is a great solution for dealing with open pores and improving skin texture. Its oxygenating technology will work perfectly well for making one's skin smooth and elastic.   

4. Kanebo Freeplus Mild Moisture Soap

You might as well be interested in Kanebo Freeplus Mild Moisture Soap. Its soft texture helps to carefully clean the dirt, leaving the skin hydrated and moisturized.  Containing multiple plant extracts, it works great even for sensitive skin. 

5. Mediheal N.M.F Aqua Ampoule Mask Jex.

If you are searching for a hydrating and lifting skincare product, have a look at the Mediheal N.M.F Aqua Ampoule Mask Jex. Thanks to the hazel water and multiple plant ingredients it contains, you won’t have to wait a long time to see the moisturizing effect. 



Tea has its roots deep in Chinese traditions and culture. This drink is believed to be a symbol of harmony and grace, making it possible to achieve peace of soul and moral balance. That’s why tea is one of the traditional Chinese new year gifts that never fail to make a favourable impression. 



1. Butterfly Brand China Green Tea.

One of the options for you to consider is Butterfly Brand China Green Tea. It’s a traditional green tea that is 100% natural and has an intense flavour. You may choose this product for true tea connoisseurs, as well as for those who’ve only begun their journey. 

2. Golden Sail Assorted Chinese Tea 

It's considered to be a true tea gem. In addition to the vitamins and antioxidants this drink offers, each of the tins contains freshly ground tea leaves with an authentic, natural flavour.

3. Itoen Green Tea with Matcha 

If your giftee is a matcha lover, why not choose Itoen Green Tea with Matcha? It has a pleasant flavour with a little undertone of bitterness and a wide range of healthy properties. Given its powdered texture, this tea can be easily applied to desserts and various other drinks.

4. Nittoh Royal Milk Tea

It is never a bad idea. It can be served either hot or cold. Using milk instead of water will make the texture extra creamy. The strawberry taste and inviting aroma of this tea won’t leave your giftee unimpressed. Not a single tea party would be complete without proper supplies.

5. Edo Japanese Tea Set

Correspondingly, Edo Japanese Tea Set might be exactly what you are looking for. These cups and teapots, made in stunning blue colour, will make a great addition to one’s kitchenware and will please your receiver with long years of service. 



When the New Year is around, some good liquor can be a great complement to the celebration. But there are so many options to choose from, that the whole process can turn into an overwhelming mess. 

But we’ve got you here. You can just skim through the items on our list and select the one that suits you best. 



1. Gujing Gong Chiew

Gujing Gong Chiew can reveal an astonishing set of flavours. Combining the notes of pineapple, green leaves, and lemon sorbet, it still has much more to offer. This is why each new sip will open a whole new universe of taste.  

2. Hwayo Korean Premium Spirit

It might be one of the variants for you to settle upon. In case you don’t have to choose one beverage, this set will guide your giftee through the fascinating journey of Korean liquor flavours.

3. Hsifeng Chiew Classic

You might also be interested in the Hsifeng Chiew Classic. It’s a great option for those who appreciate Chinese liquor. The vibrant and unique design may complement one's collection fairly well. 

4.  Jiangxiaobai Collection’s JOYOUTH

Praised for its quality both in China and abroad, Jiangxiaobai Collection’s JOYOUTH may be one more Chinese New Year gift. This spirit’s subtle sweet aftertaste together with the silky texture and delicate aroma creates a well-balanced combination of a premium standard. 

5. Kweichow Moutai

It's a traditional Chinese liquor. It’s well-regarded for having a rich and complex tropical flavour with the overtones of smoky nuts. Its floral aroma is instantly familiar and surely unforgettable. 

6. Luzhou Laojiao National Cellar 1573 (Spirit of China)

Don’t miss the opportunity to choose Luzhou Laojiao National Cellar 1573 (Spirit of China) to be your gift option. This beverage is a part of the Chinese cultural heritage and a treasure of traditional brewing craftsmanship. Not to mention its exquisite taste and excellent scent. 



To fully immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere and New Year’s spirit, you should definitely think of your surroundings and make them as appealing as possible. 

This is why presenting some decoration stuff would be a great Lunar New Year idea that the receiver will certainly appreciate. 



1. New Year Transparency Window Clings  

It might be a great gift idea, given its bright colour and no less encouraging message. These clings will surely add more joy and positive spirits to your apartment. 

2. New Year Foil Paper Stickers

Aren’t these stickers super adorable? They display little bunny characters, symbols of the Chinese New Year. This is why used as door signs or say party decorations, they’ll serve as the representation of good fortune and New Year’s miracle. 

3. Chinese New Year Couplets Banners

And what about Chinese New Year Couplets Banners? With charming white rabbits embellishing them, they are just as endearing. These decorations will look great with your party space and undoubtedly appeal to kids.



Choose the Best Chinese New Year Gift

What an awesome list, right? It’s for you to decide what exactly to choose as a New Year gift for your loved ones and friends. But hopefully, all these ideas will help you to enlighten this holiday season for people you care about. 

 We wish you good luck and the happiest New Year!