Easy Homemade Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Recipe

Easy Homemade Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea Recipe

✨Sip into bliss with this heavenly Brown Sugar Milk Tea! Brimming with the delectable essence of brown sugar and accompanied by chewy tapioca pearls. it requires just a handful of ingredients, making it an ideal choice for any time you desire a delightful treat!


What is Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea?

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea is a popular drink that originated in Taiwan. This milk tea features the use of brown sugar to give the drink a unique deep sweetness and caramel flavour. Boba refers to a kind of brown sugar pearl, also known as Boba pearls or Boba rice balls. It is a pearl-shaped ingredient made of tapioca starch and has a chewy texture.




Step 1:

Add the appropriate amount of boba to the pot and boil according to the instructions on the packet.

Step 2:

In a separate pot, heat the brown sugar syrup over low heat, then add the cooked boba.

Step 3:

Pour the mixed brown sugar syrup and boba into the glass and mix well.

Step 4:

Pour the milk into the glass and stir evenly to combine.


A perfect cup of brown sugar boba milk tea is ready! Are the steps to make it super simple? You can drink delicious milk tea drinks without leaving home. Follow us to make a cup of delicious brown sugar Boba milk tea and feel the taste of happiness!