Easy Recipes with Rice Paper ー Quick and Simple

Easy Recipes with Rice Paper ー Quick and Simple

If you are a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, then you must know how diverse these dishes can get. The options are varying from fresh veggies and fruit to different sauces and spicier options. Both beginners and more advanced enthusiasts will find something to satisfy their palates.  

That being said, we cannot but mention rice paper since it is a vital part of Vietnamese cuisine. These thin sheets are made of rice flour, tapioca flour, water and salt. 

If you refer to it as something mundane and boring, you probably are not aware of all the delicious bites this product can offer. But it’s not a problem. We’ve prepared a list of recipes with rice paper you can easily make at home.

So, are you ready?

1. Rice paper boba

You’ve certainly heard about boba tea since it’s been winning people’s hearts for quite a while. And do you know boba pearls can be made using rice paper? Yes, that’s true. You can form small balls and cook them just like the regular boba you buy in a store. 

This is an alternative with a more reasonable price. So, you should give it a try someday to add a new colouring to your boba tea. 

2. Rice paper tteokbokki 

Korean rice cakes or tteobokki, as they are also known, can serve as a great example of Korean street food. If you’ve visited this site at least once, you know what this dish tastes like. 

However, there are much more taste layers to be revealed when you make tteok from rice paper. 

This way they taste somewhat chewier. But the tofu sheet, mushroom and ramen noodles add the extra flavour plain rice paper tteok might be lacking. The new reading of this dish is worth your attention.   

 Rice paper tteokbokki 

3. Rice paper chips

Our next option is one of those super easy recipes with rice paper. You need just two ingredients for starters. These are rice paper sheets and frying oil. 

What is even better is that you can season the chips exactly the way you like. It’s up to you what spices to use and how much of them to add. Thus, homemade rice paper chips can be way tastier than those you buy in the store.  

4. Rice paper dumplings 

Usually, dumplings are associated with a great deal of work and lots of time needed to cook them. However, everything is not that complicated in the Asian tradition. 

All you have to do is dip the rice paper in warm water to make it more manageable and then use separate sheets to create your dumplings. 

You can go for traditional fillings as well as try some new ones. It is a great way to make this familiar dish crispier and tastier.

5. Cream cheese puffs 

And how do you like a little dessert? Rice paper sheets are so adaptable you can use them to cook sweet dishes too. This one, in particular, belongs to the rice paper recipes you have to try.

Creem cheese puffs resemble Chinese wontons and require just two ingredients: cream cheese and rice paper. 

You can either bake or fry them, everything depends on your liking. What is more, you can make the puffs vegan-friendly by choosing a certain type of cream cheese. 

6. Flower rolls

The way your dish looks can also matter quite a lot. Thus, if you are up for something colourful, fresh and Spring-like, you can consider these flower rolls.

There are no rules as such, concerning what these rolls have to be filled with. Yet, edible flowers are irreplaceable here. It is thanks to them that this dish is so appealing not only in its looks but its special taste.

recipes with rice paper

7. Rice paper pizza 

Here is another recipe with rice paper you should check out. Rice paper pizza may sound rather weird, but don’t be too quick with suspicions. 

Being a homemade alternative to Bánh Tráng Nướng, this option can surprise you.

Basically, the rice paper sheet is used instead of dough. It’s covered with the toppings of your choosing, such as meat, eggs, mayo, nori pieces and vegetables. The pizza is ready to be served when its bottom layer is golden brown and crispy. 

You can easily make this dish more vegetarian-like by excluding meat and choosing more suitable options. 

8. Sushi spring rolls

We can’t leave behind one of the most sought-after recipes with rice paper wraps. Of course, we are talking about sushi.

Since it is a top Asian dish for many people all over the world, sushi rolls have so many variations it is hard to count all of them. 

Yet, those cooked with the help of rice paper definitely stand out. Such a wrapping adds hints of new flavour to rice, cheese and other vegetables you use. So, give this dish a shot if you enjoy food experiments. 

rice paper recipes

9. Vietnamese rice paper rolls 

If you are looking for some seafood motives on our list, it’s about time you discover them. These Vietnamese rice paper rolls feature shrimp with any other veggies you like to balance the combination. 

We also can’t but mention the special peanut sauce for the dipping. Don’t forget about it when dining on Vietnamese rolls since it helps to make the dish much tastier.  

10. Banana spring rolls 

One sweet option is never enough. So why not have a look at this delicious banana dessert, right?

Here banana is wrapped in rice paper, then coated in sugar and fried a bit to soften all the ingredients. When everything is ready some caramel syrup is added on top. 

However,  you can choose any other ingredient you like be it fruit, berries or ice cream. Just be sure that the option you settle for shows this dish from a unique angle.  

easy recipes with rice paper

11. Quinoa rice paper rolls 

Looking for some healthy recipes with rice paper? Then don’t hesitate to check these quinoa rice paper rolls.

Except for quinoa, you can use some fresh vegetables and then wrap everything in rice paper sheets. What creates a very peculiar balance is an apricot sauce. Being salty on one hand and sweet on the other the combination of tastes will leave you speechless.  

12. Mexican-style paper rolls

One more rice paper rolls recipe for your consideration is the one cooked in Mexican style. It wouldn’t be complete without bell pepper, corn and black beans. However, the true star of the show is a smoked chipotle sauce. 

It is made of chipotles in adobo, sour cream, mayo and spices. All these ingredients create the famous “smoked” taste that is slightly piquant but not too hot. 

So, you need to dip your rolls into this sauce to make them more authentic. 

13. Beef rice paper rolls 

Our next option is quite nourishing. Here teriyaki beef, vermicelli noodles and vegetables are all wrapped in rice paper to create a wonderful combination of tastes. 

These rolls are somewhat more “traditional” for those who prefer meat. You can enjoy them even without a sauce not to overload the basic flavour of the dish. However, some light options will be completely fine here.

14. Sweet pumpkin rolls 

When the pumpkin season rolls around you just have to try this recipe with rice paper. The dish in question has a nutty taste and certainly has all the chances to be a highlight of your cosy autumn. 

Except for the pumpkin, there are walnuts and dried fruit inside. Everything is seasoned with cinnamon. Just imagine the wonderful taste and aroma it releases. These rolls are baked, so you don’t have to worry about the calories. Just enjoy these delicious rolls. 

15. Sate rice paper salad 

So far so many options, right? Yet, you can use rice paper not only for rolls but as an ingredient in other dishes too. Just like for the sate salad.

This salad combines mushrooms, mango, peanuts and some other products too, greeting a vast variety of textures. Rice paper cut into pieces adds some crustiness and helps to balance the assortment of flavours.

16. Rice paper bacon 

Have you ever seen a healthy alternative to bacon? If not, then rice paper is here again to amaze you.

The taste of this dish is very close to fried bacon. It serves as a perfect addition to sandwiches, salads and various breakfast options. Want to complement your diet with healthy bites? Then this is exactly what you need.

17. Bibimbap rice paper rolls 

The last but not least interesting option for you to consider. If you have already heard about bibimbap rice then you know how flavourous these rolls can be. 

Just use rice, pork, veggies and a bit of gochujang paste to spice everything up. And like with the above-mentioned options, it’s up to you what vegetables to choose. Besides, to make everything even tastier you can add some fried egg on top.  

This would be it for today. As you can see, there are lots of rice paper dishes out there. Not only rolls filled with vegetables but completely innovative ones with a sweet taste or unique presentation form. 

The listed recipes with rice paper wraps have all the chances to become your favourites. You just need to give it a try and open new horizons of Asian cuisine.