Wow! A Big Congratulation to Our Starry Mart Family Member!

Wow! A Big Congratulation to Our Starry Mart Family Member!

On September 3rd, 2022, Starry Mart awarded Academic Scholarships to our employee's child for the first time. The first one to win the award is Michael Wu, who will go to Queen Mary University of London to study Medicine this September.


Michael's mother Jenny joined Starry Mart in 2019 and has been serving for 3 years.  Starry Mart provided flexibility in work-life balance and responsibilities with their family commitments.

Starry Mart will continue to improve the Scholarship award program to all employees' children who have been admitted to universities. Encourage employees to cultivate excellent second generation.


In addition, we also provide internship opportunities for employees' children, who are interested in the retail and e-commerce industries. The internship scheme can help them to understand the operation mode of business through the practical operation which also provides insight on future career paths.


Starry Mart pays attention to the growth and development of employees and is committed to providing employees with work-life balance and their families.


“Congratulations and best wishes for Michael's next adventure!”


9月3日,Starry Mart星集市第一次为员工子女颁发学业奖学金。第一位获奖的“星二代”是Michael Wu,他将于今年9月份前往伦敦玛丽女王大学,学习医学专业。








Starry Mart星集市关注员工的成长及发展,致力于为员工提供理想的工作环境外, 同时将关怀延伸到员工的家人,提倡健康有爱积极向上的家庭氛围。