100 Plus 馬來碳酸飲料 325ml

100 Plus Isotonic Drink 325ml


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100PLUS is a lightly carbonated, isotonic thirst quenching drink formulated to restore what the body loses during physical exertion and to help achieve optimum hydration and electrolyte balance. Available in 3 refreshing flavours: 100PLUS Original, 100PLUS Lemon Lime and 100PLUS Tangy Tangerine. 100PLUS combines fluids, sugars (glucose and sucrose) and electrolytes to restore hydration balance, and assist in the quick and efficient transportation of nutrients to where they are needed most in the body. Sugars: The combination of glucose and sucrose provides an immediately available source of sustained fuel required by the muscle tissue. Glucose helps to accelerate the absorption of fluids and electrolytes. Electrolytes: Sodium ions have an important role in hydration, helping to maintain the 'drive thirst', encouraging one to carry on drinking while exercising. Citric Acid: Found in many drinks, citric acid provides a pleasant flavour while ensuring a lower pH for safe processing by the human body. Why Isotonic? Studies have shown that in one hour of sustained physical exercise, the body can lose up to 3.4 litres of water through perspiration. Contained in that water, are small amounts of electrolyte minerals - mainly sodium, followed by potassium and carbohydrates (sugars). 100PLUS is an isotonic drink formulated to help restore the electrolyte minerals lost by the body during physical exertion, and to achieve hydration and electrolyte balance. Hydration Study: 100PLUS is specially formulated to replenish the body with fluids and electrolytes in a way that is more beneficial than drinking plain water. 100PLUS allows your body to rehydrate more quickly. A recent study by the DSO National Laboratories shows that fluid and electrolytes are better absorbed and retained using 100PLUS, when compared to plain water and placebo (pseudo sports drink, carbonated flavoured water, sweetened with non-nutritive aspartame and acesulfame-K). The study also shows that using 1
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