1. Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice Buy 2 Get 1 Free

    Limited Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer on Fujiya Nectar Peach Juice 380ml Release Today!

    Only available for 1 week!

  2. Spent Over £75 to Enjoy Japanese Snack Gift Set

    Enjoy Limited Edition Japanese Snack at Starry Mart.

    Spend over £75 (excluding VAT) and enter the promo code STARRY6 at checkout to enjoy your free Starry gift set!

  3. Yopokki Flash Sale Up to 10% Off

    Limited 2 Weeks Special Offer for Young Poong Yopokki now is available!

    Yobbokki offers a wide range of Topokki series- sweet and spicy, tomato and teriyaki garlic Topokki.

    Very easy to cook! 

    Enjoy the authentic Korean delicious Topokki at home!

  4. Spent Over £69, Choose 1 of 2 Starry May Snack Gift

    Enjoy Limited Edition Japanese Snack at Starry Mart.

    Spend over £69 (excluding VAT) and enter the promo code MAYGIFT69 at checkout to choose your free Starry gift set!

  5. Sakura 520 樱花之恋专辑

    In Chinese, 520 sounds similar to “I Love You”which makes the 20th of May a special day for showing your affection to that special someone. Did you say you do not have one? Fear not! The Sakura themed gifts Starry Mart has prepared for you will save the day! Why Sakura? Well, who will say no to something cute, pink, sweet and aromatic? Share the sweetness this 520!


  6. 李锦记抽奖活动 - 赢取价值£279.99任天堂Swtich游戏机



    英国时间2020年1月21日至2月8日凡在星集市官网: 购买任意2件李锦记系列产品,就能获得一次抽取价值£279.99英磅的任天堂游戏机的机会哦!

  7. Sake is Love, Sake is Life...

    What can be drunk from Hot to Cold? From Spring to Winter?

    It is sake!  Japanese’s National Alcohol! (Not to mention it is also low in Calories and known for not causing Hangovers!)

  8. Paint your life with colours

    Add some colour to your life, drink Genki Forest Fruit Tea!

  9. An escape to the Zen Forest

    Take a break from your busy life, enjoy a moment of Zen with the Genki Forest Rán cha.

  10. The new King of Ramen has arrived!

    Nissin Raoh (Raoh means King in Japanese) Ramen

    The original Nissin Raoh ramen prides itself with a state- of-the-art, triple-layer, non-frying, ramen production process which gives birth to an instant ramen that is the same as, if not better than traditional Japanese ramen shops. 

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