Best Soju Flavours and Brands to Try

Best Soju Flavours and Brands to Try

We can all agree that soju is perhaps one of the most popular drinks of Asian origin. It is embedded in Korean culture and traditions, being highly appreciated not only in Korea but abroad.

This distilled drink with a somewhat bitter flavour and smooth structure has a long record. Yet, numerous influential changes shaped its current instance. 

And if you think that soju is something highly conservative, you probably haven’t heard of the extensive set of soju flavours available out there. 

Furthermore, there are many brands specialized in soju production, each adding some touch of uniqueness to the drinks they sell. 

Today, we’d like to dwell more on all these aspects. Prepare to be amazed, we’ve got a lot on our plate.  

Best Soju Flavours

As you might know, soju is a clear, rather strong drink distilled from rice, barley, or wheat. It is usually bottled right after distillation and people enjoy this drink as is. 

However, there are also many other flavours of soju worth your attention. These are mostly used as an ingredient in other drinks and cocktails, adding a fresh interpretation to the traditional soju.

It would be impossible to say for sure how many flavours of soju are there. Options are countless, to tell you the truth. And some of them are so unique and authentic that we cannot but show you them today. 

Sounds quite intriguing, right? So, it’s about time we started. 


1. Peach Soju

One of the most sought-after options on our list is certainly peach soju. With its sweetness and fresh aroma, it is a perfect option for a smooth start. The subtle peach flavour covers the alcohol’s burning taste, making this drink very enjoyable. 

Thus if you are only beginning your journey you might want to start with something milder, but without losing any alcohol qualities. Besides, peach soju pairs well with spicy dishes, creating a delicate palette of flavours. 

how many flavours of soju are there

2. Blueberry Soju

The next option we would like to discuss is quite unique. In most cases, blueberry is associated with some desserts, like pies or muffins. And this is actually very close to what blueberry soju tastes like.

It is sweet, light and refreshing at the same time which creates a wonderfully balanced liquor. It is the main reason why this soju is one of the top options for various cocktails. 

Moreover, it goes great with veggie salads and seafood courses. So, once dining on these, don’t hesitate to order some blueberry soju to complement your dishes.

3. Lychee Soju

If you’re up to some exotic colouring, then lychee soju is exactly what can satisfy your craving. It is consummate enough to be enjoyed individually. Yet you can frequently find it in other mixed drinks.

Lychee soju is rather mild with enough sweetness to cover the alcohol bitterness. It has a floral aroma and a somewhat tart aftertaste. This creates quite an assortment of tastes for you to experience. 

All the perks of this drink are revealed best when it’s served with ice. You can pair it with some fresh salads or other dishes of that kind. However, some tempura options will be equally relishing.  

4. Strawberry Soju

We dare say that for many people strawberries taste like summer. Thus, being equally sweet and sour, strawberry soju is certainly one of the best soju flavours you’ll manage to find. 

You shouldn’t be deluded by its fresh and sweet taste though, since alcohol's strongness is still there.

That being said, you might want to have this drink neat. At the same time, it will only elevate the cocktails or mixed drinks it is used for. 

It can be said a lot about the flexibility of strawberry soju. It’s up to you what to pair it with, be it juice, soda water or any other liquor you like. In any case, you’ll get a very flavourous drink.

5. Mango Soju

If you are a fan of some tropical twists in your meals, you should consider trying mango soju at least once. We can talk a lot about its flavour, which is easily recognizable due to its sweetness and refreshing qualities. 

The very taste of mango adds some exotic notes to this soju but in a very subtle, not overpowering way.

Just like with all flavoured soju, this mango option is a wonderful choice for a refreshing cocktail. That’s where your imagination comes into play. There are no strict rules as to what drinks to mix, everything is predetermined by your preferences. 

However, we suggest trying this soju neat as well, to enjoy the original flavour to the fullest.  

best flavoured soju

6. Yoghurt Soju

And here we’ve got something unusual on our list. You are perhaps a bit confused after reading the name of this drink. But there is nothing wrong with it. Yoghurt-flavoured soju exists. 

It is mostly made by mixing soju and Yakult, a famous Japanese milk drink. Such a combination creates an amazing flavour, revealing soju undertones in a truly unique way. This drink is sweet and very smooth, making the alcohol taste not too strong, but perfectly balanced.

7. Watermelon Soju

This soju has all the chances to become your favourite. The original soju bitterness is elaborately intertwined with watermelon's sugary sweetness creating a refreshing drink with a mouthwatering aroma.

You might want to try it without any other ingredients. Yet, it is adaptable enough for you to mix a few cocktails. Watermelon soju can be a highlight of your hot summer days. So don’t hesitate to give it a try once you have such a chance.   

Best Soju Brands

We’ve discussed a lot of intriguing options so far and you can decide for yourself what is the best soju flavour. Yet we believe that it is also really important to have a look at some of the most popular soju brands. 

With their background and experience, they add some signature colouring to the well-known soju flavours. So, it’s great to know what these brands are about. Let’s check out our list.  


Jinro Soju

Jinro is one of the milestones of the Korean soju tradition. It is one of the best-selling brands with a great number of flavoured soju options, yet pure soju is its true speciality. 

Since it is distilled from rice, there are some other techniques applied to make this drink crispy and smooth.

It has to be said that from its founding in 1924, Jinro hasn’t lost a single drop in its popularity. And that’s quite understandable since the quality of the drink is the highest value of this brand. 

So, from premium extra distilled bottles to some lighter options, Jinro has something to offer for all soju enthusiasts.

Sulseam Mir Soju

If you’d like to stick to the more traditional flavour, then you should check out Sulseam Mir soju. Having just the most basic set of components (rice, water, and nuruk) this brand’s soju perfectly represents the pure original taste.

And given the specifically tailored distillation methods these simple ingredients are shown in the fresh light. 

Sulseam Mir soju is one of the premium options highly appreciated by true connoisseurs. Thus you should definitely try it at least once. And maybe even complement your soju collection with the fine bottle of Sulseam Mir.

Hwayo Soju

If we talk about premium soju, we should mention Hwayo. This brand also preserves the original soju beginnings but also applies various production techniques to reveal all the shades of soju.

Hwayo is represented by a vast array of options. They have different alcohol content varying from 17% up to 41%. So you can easily enjoy a glass of neat Hwayo soju, as well as try some refreshing variations.  

Chum Churum Soju

We certainly can’t omit one of the best-selling soju brands 一 Chum Churum. Although it is a comparatively young brand (founded in 2006), it offers a great variety of options for all palates. 

Remember we said that there is yoghurt soju? We can tell you even more 一  you can find it among Chum Churum’s assortments. Just how the stars aligned!

Except for yoghurt soju, there are some more flavours for you to choose from. The Chum Churum brand has production secrets that have to do with the water used (mineral water to be exact) and ageing techniques. 

All these little details build a well-trusted brand and high-quality liquor.

Congrats! You made it through all soju flavours and brands we prepared for you. Hopefully, our tips will inspire you to dive deeper into Korean culture and find the best flavoured soju exactly for you. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are so much more soju flavours and brands to explore. Yet, this is a great beginning for your future fascinating journey.