Top 15 Japanese Candies You Must Try

Top 15 Japanese Candies You Must Try

For everybody who’s got a sweet tooth, there are so many tasty treats, it’s almost impossible to resist. The struggle is even more real when it comes to Japanese candies. Their variety and perfectly balanced flavours never fail to impress. Both children and adults will find something to their liking.

What is more, Japanese sweets can serve as a brilliant present. With all the wonderful spring celebrations approaching, these might be the ideal solution for your special occasion. 

Our list of the best Japanese candies will sort things out for you, so you won’t hesitate too much about what candy to go for. 

Ready to start? 

1. Fettuccine Gummy

The first item on our list is the Fettuccine Gummy. Its distinctive fruity taste is complemented by the sour powder this treat is covered with. Such a contrast of flavours creates an unforgettable combination, to say nothing of the mochi-like texture. 

By the way, do you know the origin of the very title? 

Fettuccine is the Italian pasta type. So, because of the form similarity, these gummies are called the same way. Thus, being a pretty simple treat at the first glance, fettuccine gummi has lots of undertones and subtle flavour combinations to impress you. 

2. Coris Fue Ramune 

Only one quick look at these ramune candies creates an impression. Their doughnut-like shape catches the eye. To say nothing of the fact that these treats can be blown with the sound. Yes, you got it right. But it is not the only distinctive feature it has to offer. 

Ramune candies are known for their sweet Japanese lemonade taste, combined with a touch of freshness. You should give this candy a shot since it has the potential to become one of your favourites.

3. Coris Hora Dekita DIY Ringo Ame 

Are you a fan of apple-flavoured treats? If yes, then our next option is exactly for you. These soft little sweets have a wonderful fruity aroma and a mild texture. 

But you’re perhaps wondering what the DIY part has to do here. In this set, you will also find sweet syrup and coloured sprinkles. So you can spread them over the apple candies and create your variation of the desert. Isn’t it fun?

4. Soft-Centred Chewing Gum

You can’t talk about Japanese candies leaving chewing gum behind. This soft-centred chewing gum is a must-try, especially for those who enjoy cola-flavoured sweets. But this is not it for the variety of this treat’s flavours. Grape, soda or slightly sour tastes are ready to become your favourites. 

Given its small size, you can easily keep it in your bag in case you need something sweet to cheer you up. It’s a great solution.



5. Lychee Gummy Candy

Let’s move to the next Japanese candy. This is a perfect option for those who like exotic flavours. Lychee gummy candies look a lot like their inspirational fruit and the texture is also pretty much the same. 

Being packed individually, they are very convenient to store. So, you can be sure that there is no way for the candy’s taste and aroma to vanish. Keep in mind that these candies are also gluten-free, which is exactly the case when tasty and healthy go hand in hand.

6. Uha Puccho Chewy Candy 

If you prefer more refreshing candy flavours, then check out the uha puccho chewy candy. Its strong soda-taste filling and chewy coating, create some kind of fizziness in your mouth making this Japanese treat extra close to its inspirational drink. The structure is really mild, making this candy melt in your mouth. Additionally, each piece is individually wrapped, preventing the gum from drying out and going bland. As in the case with the previous candy, the packaging is also super convenient. It won’t take up much space in your bag

7. Hi-Chew Candy

Hi-chew is the other popular Japanese candy. Having a wide range of flavours, you are free to decide which one is going to be your favourite. Green apple, grape, strawberry, suppai… So many options to choose from. 

The fruit puree and natural taste make this candy even more appealing. Want to grab something sweet and tasty real quick? This treat is certainly for you.

8. Glico Pocky

There is no doubt - you probably know what pocky is or you’ve heard of it at least once. These Japanese sweets have gained popularity not only across the nation but the whole world.

Pocky is a crunchy stick-shaped cracker covered with a layer of chocolate, matcha, lychee, etc. The list of common flavours is quite extensive. It’s up to you to choose what combination you like the most.

Please yourself with the delicious snack and savour pocky sticks even on the go.

9. Apollo

We cannot but mention the Apollo candies in this list of the best Japanese candies. This is perhaps one of the most recognisable Japanese candy boxes, a true classic we can say. 

But what’s so special here? 

A very exquisite combination of milk and strawberry chocolate is what makes it impossible not to take a second bite. These candies are extremely cute, nobody’s gonna deny it. 

Besides, taking into consideration all the details, no wonder Apollo candies are appreciated by both children and adults.



10. Nestle Kitkat 

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Japanese KitKat, that’s for sure. This treat once made quite a noise showing the world the most unexpected flavours. The variety of tastes and genuine uniqueness of some of them leaves everyone speechless. 

That’s a great challenge for KitKat connoisseurs. So, don’t miss the opportunity to try this popular treat and find out whether it’s worth all the fuss. 

11. Naruto Shippuden Japanese Mochi

Mochi is perhaps the first thing that appears in your mind once you hear the phrase “Japanese candies”. It is a perk of Japanese cuisine. So no wonder lots of people want to try these rice flour treats. 

It is not a surprising fact, to be honest. The chewy, creamy, mild texture and the ice cream filling are more than appealing. We recommend you try these sweets at least once and this will be the first step on your mochi journey. The Naruto-themed packaging serves as a special bonus here as well. 

12. Lotte Pokemon Chewing Candy 

There can’t be too many chewing candies, right? That’s why we’ve got one more option for you here. Isn’t this pokemon chewing candy super cute? It certainly is. 

Along with the delicious cola-flavoured treat, you get the transfer sticker inside the wrapping paper. This is a wonderful solution that your little giftee will certainly enjoy.



13. Bandai TinyTAN BTS Gummi

Hey, A.R.M.Y.! Are you here? We’ve got some great news for you. The TinyTANs are now available as gummi sweets, each representing the band member. 

You have a chance to enjoy the muscat, orange, and apple flavours of these jelly bits. And this is not it. Each box contains the mascot keychain, bringing the TinyTAN illustrations to life. 

So, if you’re planning on collecting all the figures, your time has come. It is a perfect chance. 

14. Lotte Xylitol Bubble Gum

There’s also one more special thing for our dear BTS fans. How do you like bubble gum? This xylitol bubble gum has seven different fruity tastes and is inspired by the BTS band members. 

The design and delicious content create a great combination, especially for those who appreciate the art of this music band. 

15. Bourbon Rumando Chocolate

Last but not least, the item we’ve got here is definitely what you’ll like. The tiny crepe wafer pieces are coated with a layer of delicious chocolate. These bourbon rumando sweets are greatly admired for their crunchy texture that creates a brilliant combination of flavours. 

With truly convenient packaging, these treats are easy to store and keep in your bag in case you want to have a little snack. This is a great option, don’t you agree?

Congrats! You made it to the very end of our list of the best Japanese candies. As you can see, there are lots of ideas and delicious options available. If you’re a fan of Japanese chocolate or you prefer chewy treats, this guide is exactly what you need. 

Do you see? No need to go bananas or puzzle yourself too much. Just choose the items from our list and enjoy the best Japanese sweets.