Join Starry Mart summer carnival in London , gain various gifts!

Join Starry Mart summer carnival in London , gain various gifts!

Summer festival is coming!

As one of Japan's traditional festivals, many Japanese will wear kimonos and go shopping, and participate in entertainment activities on this day.

Starry Mart will hold a flash booth shop in Lower Stable Street Market in London this August,

bringing you authentic Japanese food and many interesting games &prizes.

We are looking forward to seeing you in our booth! Buy anything from Starry Mart booth, you will gain a free entry. Come, play and enjoy!




Dates &Times

Friday 19th August 2022:12:00-19:00

Saturday 20th August 202211:00-18:00

Sunday 21st August 202211:00-18:00



Lower Stable Street

Coal Drop Yard



We prepare some Japanese traditional games at our booth

Round 1: Catching goldfish


Fishing for goldfish (金鱼すくい) is a traditional game at Japanese summer festivals and temple fairs.

Goldfish fishing in Japan dates back to the early 19th century.

One chance per participant.

Catching more than 10 fish in 1 min will gain 1 Hatakosen Melon Ramune!


Round 2:Cooking Takoyaki

As a delicacy that never is missed at summer festivals

Takoyaki (タコ焼き)has been around for over 80 years in Japan.

One chance per participant.

Cooking Takoyaki on Cooking Mama and gaining 3 Stars will have a 10% discount on Starry Cooking Kit!


Round3:Lucky draw

After gaining 2 stamps on the ticket, every participant has 1 entry for a lucky draw!


£30 Starry Mart Online Voucher 

First Prize

Starry Platinum Snack Gift Set 

Second Prize

Starry Gold Snack Gift Set

Consolation Prize

Starry Silver Snack Gift Set