Sake is Love, Sake is Life...

Sake is Love, Sake is Life...

What can be drunk from Hot to Cold? From Spring to Winter?

It is sake!  Japanese’s National Alcohol! (Not to mention it is also low in Calories and known for not causing Hangovers!)

Starry Asian Market Presents:


The Ozeki Sake Alc. 14.5% (750ml/ 375ml)

This Sake is fresh, well balanced in flavour and can be served from Hot to Cold.  It is sold all over the world and appreciated by all sake connoisseurs!

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Ozeki out of stock?

Why not try our Sho Chiku Bai Classic Junmai Sake!

We also offer sake in cheeky little cups or bottles so you can have a sip before…we meant after work

Did you say you fancy bubbles?

Here you go!