Lucky Traditions

  1. Celebrating Lunar New Year: The Radiant Tradition of Hanging Lanterns on the 12th Day

    As the Lunar New Year approaches, the air is filled with excitement and anticipation. Among the myriad customs and traditions that accompany this festive season, one timeless practice stands out - the enchanting display of lanterns on the 12th day of the lunar calendar. This age-old tradition not only adds a touch of jubilation to the surroundings but also symbolizes hope, prosperity, and collective aspirations for a brighter future.

  2. Essential Chinese New Year Items to Welcome the Year of the Dragon 2024

    The Chinese Lunar New Year of 2024 is just around the corner! It's a moment for families to unite and rejoice in the conclusion of the past year and the commencement of the new one.

    Here to check your must-haves during the Chinese new year!

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