Reward Points + Referral program

To benefit from the royalty rewards programme you must be a registered customer with For every £1 spent with Satrrymart , you will be rewarded with 1 Starry point. Starry point can be redeemed as money off future purchases (100 starry points = £1). Starry point will expire after 90 days from the time you have received it.

How do I join?

You will automatically be enrolled in our online Royalty reward programme when you place your order with us. All customers must be registered with Starrymart to receive points. For newly registered customer, they will receive 20 starry points when making a first purchase with StarryMart.

What do I do to get my points?

You collect starry points by shopping at, where you will receive 1 starry point for every £1 spent. Starry points can be redeemed as money off from future purchases. 1 Starry point = 1 pence.

There are three ways to collect more starry points:

1. Hit one of the button above and immediately receive 10 starry points. You can do it once a day, so do not ‘like’ it for too much within one day!
2. Refer your favorite product to your friend! When you hit that like button, it will require you to enter your friends detail. Then the system will send them an email for your referral. When your friend makes a purchase with us, you will immediately receive 50 starry points. 

3. Subscribe to our newsletter and get 50 starry points. 

How long does the starry point last?

The duration of using the starry point is 90 days after you first received it. The system will send you reminder 7 days before expiring. So, use it in time!

Lifetime rewards

For our super loyal customer, we have something special for you:

*The system will calculate the amount you have spent with When you have spent £800 or more, the system will automatically reward you with 1000 (500) points that can be redeemed and spend as money off in your future purchases.