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  1. Wangzhihe Chive Sauce 320g

    Special Price £0.65 Regular Price £1.30
    Wangzhihe Chive Sauce 320g
  2. Morinaga Hi-chew Cherry Flavour 50g

    Special Price £0.84 Regular Price £1.60
    Morinaga Hi-chew Cherry Flavour 50g
  3. Shen Dan Marinated Eggs Hupi 6 Pieces 168g

    Special Price £0.99 Regular Price £3.30
  4. White King Fiesta Sweet Spaghetti Sauce 1kg

    Special Price £1.69 Regular Price £3.38
  5. Morinaga Hi-Chew Pineapple Flavour 50g

    Special Price £0.84 Regular Price £1.62

    Sensationally Chewy Fruit Candy. 

  6. Young Poong Yopokki Jjajang Topokki (Rice Cake) 120g

    Special Price £1.15 Regular Price £2.30

    This instant Topokki cup is new Jjajang Yopokki flavored with yummy Jjajang sauce, and easy to cook in a microwave.

  7. Young Poong Hot & Spicy Topokki 120g

    Special Price £1.15 Regular Price £2.30
  8. Ozeki Hana Awaka Sparkling Yuzu 250ml 5% Alc./Vol

    Special Price £3.59 Regular Price £7.20

    Another jewel of sparkling sake from Ozeki that reminds one of champagne. A low alcohol sake infused with citrus fruit (yuzu)for a refreshing new sparkling taste. The distinguished aroma of yuzu blends perfectly with a mouthful of fruitiness and bubbles that spread across your palate.

  9. Woongjin Cocomong Strawberry Soft Drink 200ml

    Special Price £0.76 Regular Price £1.50


    Strawberry Concentrate, Purified Water, Sugar, Apple Concentrate, Calcium Lactate, Citric Acid, Synthetic Flavours (Strawberry Flavour), Trisodium Citrate, Vitamin C, Sucralose, Zinc Oxide.

  10. Lotte Candy Strong Mint 133g

    Special Price £1.57 Regular Price £3.14
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  1. New

    Bestore Konjac Hot Flavour 150g

  2. New

    Chongga [Jongga] Sliced Cabbage Kimchi 750g

  3. New

    CJ Bibigo Sesame Oil 1L

  4. New

    Thai-Nichi Japanese Rice Cracker Mix 35g

  5. New

    Thai-Nichi Mizuho Cheese Wasabi 35g

  6. New

    GS Retail Youus Americano Sweet 230ml

  7. New

    Sakura Saku 360ml 25% Acl./Vol

  8. New

    Den-en Imo Shochu 900ml 25% Acl./Vol

  9. New

    Satsuma Godai Imo Shochu 900ml 25% Acl./Vol

  10. New

    Ogatama Tekkan Shochu 720ml 25% Acl./Vol

  11. New

    Nagai Yaki Sushi Nori Gold 50 Sheets 125g