Cooking grilled eel over rice in 10 minutes!

Cooking grilled eel over rice in 10 minutes!

Grilled Eel over Rice|うなぎ丼 (鰻丼)|鳗鱼饭

Grilled Eel over Rice is a traditional Japanese dish, which is especially popular in summer. The sweet and savory sauce wraps the silky soft eel meat and makes it even more delicious in hot weather!


Today, we will introduce the quick method of making this dish. Enjoy the traditional Japanese dish easier with Starry Mart!


Frozen Roasted Japanese Eel 1 bag of any brand
Rice      Add as appropriate
Roasted seaweed  10g
Eel sauce      Add as appropriate


Step1:Thaw the frozen eel at room temperature, put the bag into the pot and cook for 5 minutes or take it out and place it on a plate, and then heat it in the microwave for 120s on medium heat.

  • 将冷冻鳗鱼常温解冻后,连袋子放入锅中煮5分钟/取出放置在盘子里,在微波炉中中火加热120s

Step2: Pour the eel sauce on the hot rice according to your taste

  • 将鳗鱼酱汁按照自己喜欢的适当淋在米饭上

Step3:Shred the seaweed and sprinkle it on the rice (you can also mix it with other vegetables freely)

  • 将海苔碎洒在米饭上(也可以搭配其他自己喜欢的蔬菜)

Step4:Cut the heated eel into 6-8 small pieces and place on top of the rice. You now have a bowl of authentic Grilled Eel over Rice

  • 最后,取出加热后鳗鱼,切成小块并放在最上层,就得到了一碗正宗的鳗鱼饭!

Follow the steps and learn with me now!