Kansai-Style Ozoni - Very Easy to Cook!

Kansai-Style Ozoni - Very Easy to Cook!


Sato No Maru-Mochi  2 Slits
Dashi Powder 2 teaspoons
Water 200ml
White Miso 2 Tablespoons
Chicken 30g
Enoki Mushroom 15g
Bonito Flakes Appropriate amount
Kamaboko, honey leaf, etc. If you like

Nutrition Values
Energy             259kcal
Fat                   5.1g
Carbohydrate    39.5g
Dietary fiber      1.2g
Protein             12.8g

 * Nutrition value is for one person



 1. Divide the chicken into small bite-sized pieces and the enoki mushrooms into two equal parts.
 2. Add rice cake, water, white soup stock, granule soup stock, and ingredients from 1. to a heat-resistant container.
 3. Heat in the microwave. (Approximately 500W about 4 minutes 30 seconds).
 4. Add white miso and melt, then add dried bonito flakes and top with kamaboko or honey leaves if you like.
 * Be careful not to get burned when taking it out.
 * If the rice cake is still hard or the chicken is underheated, adjust the heating time.

 Little tips:Melt the white miso while it is still warm after heating.